In response to the global climate crisis, we have launched an industry-leading program that allows shippers to take action against climate change.

Less purchases emission reductions from projects that support sustainable development in vulnerable communities to ensure that offsetting also contributes to climate justice; this action helps to improve the lives of those least responsible for climate change and least economically equipped to adapt to the changing conditions. To learn more about Less Emissions, visit, and to learn more about the Gold Standard, visit

How Does our Carbon Offset Program Work?


When you enroll in our program, we track, offset and report back to you each month with the greenhouse gas emissions you produced through shipping with us, and how we offset these activities.  We cover any offsets for LTL shipments booked directly through our portal and provide you with options to purchase offsets on any other modes you have shipped with us. 


Does it cost extra to offset our shipping activities?


For self-directed LTL clients, there are no additional costs for your LTL shipments. For other modes such as truckload and rail, we will calculate the emissions on each shipment at no cost, and provide you with options to purchase Gold Standard carbon offsets.  For enterprise accounts looking to partner, we will design a custom program that encompasses branded social media, exclusive content, custom reporting, route optimization and more. For a proposal, please email


Is this program open to all shippers?


Yes. To get in touch, please send an email to


Why has Less committed to an annual independent audit to be performed by Deloitte?


Less has committed to a yearly audit by an internationally recognized auditing firm, recognized by the David Suzuki Foundation and the Pembina Institute, in order to demonstrate that all international offsets are certified as Gold Standard, and that all Canadian offsets have achieved either VER+ Standard or ISO 14064-2 certification. Audits confirm all offsets that are retired on behalf of Less customers, to prevent double-counting of the environmental benefits. The audit is also designed to validate that Less has sourced sufficient inventory to meet or exceed its contracted commitments. As a result, the audit ensures that businesses and individuals can purchase Less offsets with confidence, eliminating the risks inherent in purchasing low-quality offsets._


Are there different types of emissions? 


There are two types of emissions: direct and indirect.


The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative defines direct emissions as those originating from sources that are owned or controlled by an organization. Examples include emissions from a manufacturing site or from company-owned fleet vehicles.


Indirect emissions are those emissions created as a consequence of the activities of an organization but generated from sources owned or controlled by another entity. Examples of indirect emissions include those associated with employee air travel or third-party shipping.


What is offsetting?


Offsetting is a mechanism that allows individuals and organizations to address their environmental impact. Carbon offsets are designed to help mitigate the emissions associated with one activity (such as necessary air travel) with another activity elsewhere that avoids or reduces an equivalent amount of emissions. For example, the impact of greenhouse gases (GHGs) associated with shipping may be neutralized by preventing the release of an equivalent amount of GHGs through the implementation of a renewable energy or energy efficiency project elsewhere in the world.


What type of projects do you support and where are they located?


Less sources offsets from Gold Standard-certified projects located in majority countries and CSO Standard projects located here in Canada.


See our projects page for information on some of our featured projects.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the transportation sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases. As transportation intermediaries, we’re striving to tackle this problem head-on—which is why we have partnered with Less Emissions, a division of Bullfrog Power. Less is Canada’s highest quality carbon offset provider, using Gold Standard-certified carbon offset credits. These credits contribute to meeting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.