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Upgrade Your Capacity

Tap into our network of trusted carriers from Canada, USA and Mexico.

Reduce Your Risk

Our team of professionals are constantly monitoring performance, insurance and compliance to ensure your shipment is always moving safely.

Real-Time Visibility

You can quote, book and trace the entire shipping process from your web-based portal.

Less Than Truckload

Less Than Truckload

Upgrade Your Capacity

Gain instant access to pricing from 65 LTL carriers (and growing!).

Save Money

Tap into our volume for spot market moves, and if you're moving more than 10 shipments a week, we will present you with exclusive options.

You’re in Control

Choose from a variety of service levels and transit times.

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Dedicate Sprinter

We can accommodate limited access locations such as movie studios, tradeshows, professional sporting events, and much more.

Guaranteed LTL + Air

Multiple options are available in real-time through our private web portal. ​

Team Over-the-Road

You can depend on your team at Freightzy to arrange for team service even at short notice.



Cost Effective

​​This is a great option for shipments over more than 700 miles.

Green Footprint

Intermodal uses far less fuel than over-the-road. It is about three times more fuel efficient than a truckload shipment.

Tight Capacity? No Problem!

During seasonal over-the-road spikes in capacity, rail can be a great option as it will be considerably cheaper with greater availability.

Decarbonized Solutions

Decarbonized Solutions

Custom Reporting & Market Assets

We'll provide custom reporting of your organization's transportation footprint and custom marketing assets to share your decarbonizing activity.

Independently Verifed Carbon Offsets

A third party independently verifies all offsets with supporting documentation, all available on the client web portal.

Variety of Accredited Projects

We offer a robust selection of accredited projects through our partnership with Cloverly. Projects are grouped by geography and type, and we can find something that aligns with your organization.

Decarbonized Solutions

We make the shipping process fast and efficient.

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